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Featured Artist

Qi Feng, AN

Master Chinese artist Qi Feng An
A World Class ice carver, An has been carving
since 1982, in Harbin City, China which is known
as a World Ice Art carving capital.
Arriving in Fairbanks the month of November
through April, An makes Fairbanks his
second home. 


Besides his many World event competitive
Ice Carving accomplishments, An is also a
Respected master artist of sand sculptures.
(US/China event in 2014, Fairbanks)
An's creative designs/carving helped
shape these local events: Ice Art Park, Christmas on
Ice, North Pole, B. P. World Ice Art
Championships, and the Fairbanks Ice Museum. 

During the summer months, An spends his free time carving wood masterpieces for locals and tourists alike in the Fairbanks Area. 

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Who is Alaska Wood Carvings?

We are an organization established by Get It Done Alaska to enable local artists to sell their artwork across the state of Alaska and even the world. Get It Done Alaska receives commission for artwork sold on or thru this site and/or connected channels. Artists agree to commission rates.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 907-750-9650

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